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The Realm of Insani-tea

The Realm Of Insani-tea is a land full of awe and wonder, everything runs through the powerful properties of the ‘Mantea’. All creatures of The Realm are born vessels, without skill or purpose, they spend their childhood simply surviving and playing. Once a creature reaches teenage stage, they are given crushed leaves from a Mantea Tree. These Mantea leaves choose the destiny of those who eat them, or at least that’s what The Elders have made everyone believe, some believe this ritual is just a way for the higher ups in society to control the people of The Realm.


The Realm is made up of 4 main continents; Dachshunel, Arrowroot, Hillfog and Westarnfell. Each was once home to a specific collection of races, but since the discovery of a new mantea infused transportation system, it’s been possible for creatures to immigrate. This was not, and is not, an affordable service. However, many have taken the leap and it’s been extremely beneficial to all, with the diversity of culture brightening the lands. The (currently known) races of The Realm consist of; Humans, Elves, Orcs, Clatreib, Dwarves, Underlings and of course their related sub-races.

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