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So, who is kayPOWXD?!

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Hi, I'm kayPOWXD (with a little 'k' please) OR you can call me Kay!


A 29 year old real life Khajiit from the UK! I'm an Official Twitch and Elder Scrolls Online Stream Team Partner with an obsession with delicious tea (Yorkshire Tea specifically) and everything Bethesda, though I do love many different game categories and/or game franchises! I’ve also been on TV (GamesMaster), which is pretty cool! I love makeup, the ocean/water sports, art and animals. I've been a full time streamer since 2018, previously working as a Returns Department Manager in a car parts company. All my graphics and art are made by ME (other than the occasional fan arts which are credited accordingly). I really enjoy my tacky sparkle theme and I hope you do too! In case there’s any doubt, I support people being their true, authentic selves. As long as you’re not bringing harm to others, do what you love! If you'd like to know more about me, pop into stream sometime and I would LOVE to answer any and all of your questions!


Why do you stream?
We ALL deserve to smile more. I want to spread smiles far and wide. <3

✨ Are you a full time streamer?
Yes, I stream 4 days a week and work on art commissions/admin all the other days! Sometimes I go outside. It's good for you!

✨ Why no capital 'K'?
I've always written my name this way! I like the way it looks. Please don't write it with a Capital K, it makes me upsetti spaghetti!

✨ Where do you get your energy from?
I've learnt to enjoy and appreciate the smallest of things, I'm extremely easily amused and have been a hyperactive person for as long as I remember. (Just ask my poor Parents!)

✨ Is Badgerz your Partner?
Yes, he is! <3

✨ Are you a furry?
No, I am just a Khajiit! They call us 'Ohmes' and we are the most mer like of the Khajiit. (I don't have anything against furries though! Do what YOU love!)

✨ How long have you been a Partner?
I was Partnered on 20th February 2020! Before that I had been an Affiliate since 12th June 2017.



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