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The Insani-tea Party Guild

A social Elder Scrolls Online Guild on all platforms and servers (main EU/PC)!

Some guild events are live streamed!

All of our best moments are saved forever.

Fun giveaways and exclusive sneakpeaks!

Who doesn't love free things?!

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Insani-tea Party Guld Logo

Everyone is welcome!

Players new and old, our mission is to have fun together and spread Insani-tea!

Screenshot of trials calendar on Guilded with pictyure of guild at the end of a trial
Screenshot of screenshot gallery in the guilded
Screenshot of social meetups with pictures of the guild at said meetups
Screenshot of our Guilded builds section
Collage of pictures from the Insani-tea Party guild house_
Picture of guild together and everything else you could imagine in text over it

The Vanguard

Our dedicated End Game Content group. (Currently only on EU/PC for now)


Join us on Guilded!

Guilded is our main hub for everything The Elder Scrolls Online! Our Calendar is here!

Guilded Partner

Discord more your thing?

Discord is a great place to hang out and chat with Guildies!


Interested in joining?!

Join our Discord or Guilded and check the ESO Sign Up channels!

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