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The IRL Hearthfire DLC

Full disclosure on where your tips are currently going!


We did it, we bought a homestead (see more below about that)! But now it's time for a whole new set of quests and challenges! Starting with... Fartfire 2: Epic Poopaloo... WHICH IS A TEMPORARY NAME AND ISN'T STAYING.

We will need to bring someone in to give us a little help with this quest, as it's outside of our skillset. With the new boiler (an expense straight off the bat that we didn't expect), we should be able to shower properly again (whew!), but the bath is a little small for Badgerz and the rooms in general are very dated, wibbly wobbly and old. The tiles only go halfway up the wall, plaster is falling off, there's no extractor fan and the part I personally dislike the most is the fact that it's a separate toilet and bathroom. I wouldn't mind this so much, if the sink was with the toilet instead of being next to the bath.


So, this is where the tips will be going for the next however-long-it-takes. I always like to keep you informed on where your squids are going! Thank You for reading and of course, there's 100% NO PRESSURE to support this new quest, you've done more than enough and I'm equally Thankful for each and every one of you!



After 7 years together and 4 years of trying to start the IRL Hearthfire DLC, Badgerz and I have finally purchased our very own homestead! We've both worked extremely hard for this, and it's by no means a castle but we're very happy with our cosy little home. This isn't the end, though! It's a new beginning! We wave goodbye to the old streaming room, and hello to a whole new set of quests and challenges.


It's been a complicated journey, but it only makes it so much more rewarding now that it's here! We had many ups and downs, keeping almost all the progress from you (sorry about that, it was worth it for the surprise reveal I hope?!). You played a HUGE part in our quest, your support was one of the reasons that this was possible. The Realm of Insani-tea helped raise and INCREDIBLE £7092 towards our deposit  from 15/09/2021 until the reveal date 30/04/2024. Now, it's time to start upgrading and filling the Homestead! You can find more information on what the current quest is above!

Thank You, for everything. I can't describe how thankful we both are for all that you do and have done. <3

Notable Dates

15/09/2021 - IRL Hearthfire goal started
- Keys in hand
14/04/2024 - Move in day
- Office move

29/04/2024 - Back online!
30/04/2024 - Reveal stream
- House warming stream


Everyone who helped us on our journey so far...

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Level 2 Completed.png
Level 3 Completes.png
Level 4 Completed.png
Level 5 Completed.png
Level 6 Completed.png
Level 8.png
Level 9.png
Level 10.png
Level 11.png
Level 12png.png
Level 13.png
Level 14.png
Level 15.png
Level 16.png
Level 17.png
Level 17-and-a-bit#.png
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