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Myths and Legends

Sometimes the stories told to children as they're tucked up in bed at night get a little out of hand. Or do they? Some legends and stories don't stay as fiction for long... others are proven to just be elaborate measures to make children behave...

True Legends

Some legends become true...

One Realm Of Insani-tea myth is spread far more than any other, The Spriteas! Creatures in all shapes and sizes, that not only look extremely cute, but could very well save or take your life (at least that's what the rumours say)! These little creatures allegedly forge life saving potions... or soul sucking poisons. Magical liquids that can give or take life, heal or create wounds or even change a soul! Inside the potions/poisons are nourishing beads that fill the belly of those on the road, bringing someone back from the brink of starvation, or causing them to feel nauseous. Each Spritea has a different personality, traits and wants/needs. They're very special little things!

After the disappearance of Researcher Mari and a string of strange occurrences in The Realm Spriteas were proven to be real! Now merchants in the Ci-tea Markets can be found selling Spriteas merchandise...

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