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The Realm Of Insani-tea is home to many creatures. Though they might have physical characteristics that tell them apart, you can never judge a creature by how it appears. There are some common interests, but it's important to remember that each inhabitant of The Realm is unique and should not be put into a box!

Humans are considered the city-folk of the land of Insani-tea, making up a fairly large portion of the population. They are numerous compared to the other races and adapt incredibly well. Most may frown upon their mortality, but in that short span, they prove to have changed history quite often. In this world, they still have much to prove to the other races in order to be considered their equals. Humanity is considered a race of change. Humans invented plastic surgery and were the first to colourise hair, making them the race full of the most variety when it comes to appearance. Lifespan: Average 90, but Up to 120 years.

Close Up on Eyes

Common Trait: Humans are considered a race with the most potential. They are capable of doing most, if not all, forms of combat and art without truly exceling on one in particular. Fully mastering a form requires the aid of another source.



Elves are the most majestic and beautiful race to walk the lands. They have a natural bond with the power flowing from the Mantea through the Realms soils. No other race has the lifespan of the Elves, so they are more than often found to be in powerful and well respected positions due to their wisdom and experience. Some of their kind consider their lifespan a curse, in 2,000 years you lose many things and feel a great deal of pain. As mighty as the Elves are their bodies are not built for heavy armour and weapons, so they are not as efficient in those areas. Many of the other races frown upon the Elves, perhaps even fear them, they dislike how ‘perfect’ they are and are convinced that there must be some form of corruption being hidden amongst their history. Lifespan: Average 1,800 but Up to 2,000 years.


Common Trait: Due to their strong bond with Mantea, Elves are the only race to be able to use short-range teleportation. (Whilst in combat, range is limited to a few feet.)


Earthen - These elves prefer woodland areas and usually choose the bow over other weapons and spells. They tend to have dark earthy toned hair, yellow/green/brown tinted skin and brightly coloured eyes.

Under - These elves prefer to walk among moonlight and tend to lean towards darker magic (this does not mean that they're naturally evil by any means!). They see no harm in using necromancy. They tend to have monotone hair, deep black/grey/blue skin and pitch black eyes

Royal - Royal elves originate from the sunniest or coldest isles in The Realm and prefer to use magic to defeat their foes. Those from the coldest isles tend to have light or white hair in natural shades, pale peachy/white skin and white or ice blue eyes. Whereas the sunniest isles typically have warmer hair, tanned or golden skin and golden or brown eyes.


Elves Subspecies

The Clatreib have many origin stories, though no one is entirely sure how they came to be. Most believe that they were born from a curse, some argue it was a gift... One thing that is certain, is that they’re the most fearful of all the races. Their natural form is not too intimidating, some may even find them ‘cute’... but if they seek your death their teeth will bare. Clatreib are extremely talented at fighting with pure adrenaline filled punches and slashes with their claws, they’re often known to struggle to understand the concept of spells due to the animal instincts embedded in their souls, though some have managed to grasp it. Despite this, they’re the most respected Shapeshifters in the land, none have quite mastered the art as well as they have. Though mighty Shapeshifters, the Clatreib are most known for their ears and tails, due to this distinctive look they’re often called simply ‘beasts’ and frowned upon by more ‘upstanding’ races.. Lifespan: Average 190, but up to 200 Years.

Circus Lion

Common Trait: The Clatreib have a special bond with Mother Nature, able to take on 5 forms as a Shapeshifter instead of the normal 3. They are able to shift at a much faster rate using less Mantea to do so.


Lupusai - The most social of the subspecies, Lupusai Clatrieb are known to walk the soils in packs. They prefer to use unarmed attacks, and have a special bond with canine forms when it comes to shapeshifting, able to hold the form for an infinite time. They tend to have a variety of skin tones, grey or white ears and tail, dark hair and piercing blue eyes.

Felaine - The most ferocious of the subspecies, Felaine Clatreib are happy to relax but easy to agitate. They prefer unarmed attacks or daggers, and have a special bond with feline forms when it comes to shapeshifting, able to hold the form for an infinite time. They tend to have a variety of skin tones, patterned ears and tail, a mixture of hair shades and green eyes. 

Serpumtium - The most reclusive of the subspecies, Serpumtium Clatreib make up a large number of ‘The Lost Ones’ due to their antisocial tendencies. Preferring to work alone, they very rarely seek friendship in others. They prefer ranged weapons,  and have a special bond with reptilian forms when it comes to shapeshifting. They tend to have scaled bodies in earthy tones, a long thick tail, dark hair and dark eyes.

Clatreib (Animal folk)

Clatreib Subspecies

No-one really knows where the Orcs originated from, but people believe that they were birthed from swamplands. They are thought to be the newest race to make an appearance within the land, even though some of the Shamans insist that they have had a connection to the mantea tree since the beginning of time. A lot of the other races consider them as outsiders because of how they look. Most Orcs don't understand the use of magic and usually prefer to be up close and personal with their opponent, using large weapons and using their resilient skin to their full advantage. However, The Shaman Clan are able to use the power of the Mantea to produce totems which buff their allies or debuff their foes and cast simple spells, at the cost of their tough skin trait. Orcs are often grey or green in skin tone, with a variety of hair colours and mixture of different eyes, most are covered in scars and they have a huge number whom are blind in one eye due to their brutal and barbaric games. Orcs are well known for their piercings and hair accessories, often using the blood and bones of their enemies to create them. Orcs really dislike Dwarves, they don’t understand their pride and hate that they claim to be the most resilient race. Lifespan: 150 Average, but up to 180 years.

Healing Stones

Common Trait: Due to their tough skin they are very durable in battle even when not wearing any armor. Shaman Clan orcs are also the only race able to use ancient totems, they sacrifice their tough skin in order to obtain this ability in a ceremony celebrating the spirits of old.


Shaman Clan Orc - These Orcs have denied the life of their robust brothers and sisters. They do not have the tough skin which Orcs are known for, but they make up for it with their protective spells and totems. They prefer being surrounded by the elements, avoiding cities as much as possible. Those of the Clan are less scarred compared to the rest of their kind and use feathers, fur and vegetation to decorate themselves rather than blood and bones. Their skin has a slight shimmer due to being thinned out in the ritual to the spirits of old. Other than this, their appearance is much the same.


Orc Subspecies

Short and stout, Dwarves are the most resilient race one may find in the land of Insani-tea. Stubborn, but extremely talented at the forge and great with firearms. They are considered the mountain folk, but they are not afraid to come down and meet other people, for a price. They are excellent businessmen and merchants, selling high-class items, for a profit... of course. Due to their greedy nature, they’re actually the wealthiest race in the realm, but they do not show it in fear of their riches being plundered. Dwarves are not great at wielding magic at all, but are capable of crafting simple runes and enchantments. Orcs are useless at telling the difference between the Dwarf subraces, and often inadvertently cause offence, and so there is an ongoing racial war between the two. One side often declaring to be the strongest, with the other one denying them the privilege. Lifespan: Average 210, but up to 240 years.

Beautiful Landscape

Thanks to their experience in the mines, Dwarves make great Blacksmiths. They are the only race capable of forging Dwarven Metal, creating the strongest plate armour and weapons in The Realm.


Underground Dwarves (Noble Dwarves) - The Original Dwarves. The miners, smiths and mountain dwellers. They are highly prideful of their weapons, armours and apparels. These Dwarves tend to be darker due to exposure of the mines, with hair in copper shades and dark eyes with large pupils.


City-folk Dwarves ("Impure" Dwarves) - Dwarves that immigrated to other cities. Unlike the Underground Dwarves, they are a lot more social with other races. They make good businessmen with high experience in trade. These Dwarves tend to have a mixture of skin tones, bleached hair from exposure to the sun and bright eyes with smaller pupils than their Underground brethren.


Dwarf Subspecies

This race is one full of suffering, the Underling are the result of a corrupt pact made back in the First Era. A few hundred years after the humans were bestowed upon the world, a clan formed from them known as ‘The Found Ones’, rivals to ‘The Lost Ones’. They believed that they were not lost, but found, that The Elder Mantea Tree was the true god... that it should be used to push the world to perfection. The Overlords sensed unease amongst the people, and decided to take advantage of this brewing civil war. They offered extended life, unique powers and true awakening to the clan... and being so desperate to evolve into something greater than their ancestors, they agreed to the pact without question. The Overlords tested their dedication to the cause, ordering them to walk into the house-high flames of a burning ‘enchanted’ Mantea Branch. Once emerged, the Overlords declared them


‘Underlings’ and laughed at their misfortune. Purple/grey skinned, long pitch black hair, some have horns, some have bowed legs with hooves and some even had a hellish tail. They were human no more. Their own race outcast them, treating them like filth. Knowing what they had become, they adopted the name given to them and halted their quest for greatness. They built a new city, using the ashes from their very own ‘rebirth’, and once established found that The Overlords were not lying about the extended life and extreme power that they were promised. They were able to explore necromancy (with guidance, very limited without certain materials) and dark magic better than any other, and their lifespan increased to almost half that of an elf. Their weakness is that they cannot use healing spells and are weak against all forms of ‘holy’ magic. They are capable of using brute force and one handed weapons, but they’re much more suited to being a caster. Lifespan: 800 Average, but up to 1,000 years.

Underlings are the only race able to summon demons from The Overlords personal demon spawn, they can choose between one demon to have at any time as their minion. Succubus (Seduction/Draining spells), Elemental (Elemental spells, one element only) or Brute (No spells, pure force). This demon will bond with them, if they wish to switch it out for another there may be consequences. Demons don’t like to be sent back to the farm, that is where they will go if you swap them for another. A summoned demon is sent back to the Underlings home when disbanded.


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