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Regions and Locations

The Realm of Insani-tea is an extremely large world, with only a small fraction of it currently being documented. So far the Insani-tea Isle continent is what we know the most about. It has four main regions and houses The Mantea Tea right in the centre of it all.


Known as ‘Home’, Dachshunel is a beautiful and well established region slap bang in the middle of The Realm. It is the homeland of the Elves and Humans, and the Capital City is a living testimony to their extravagant tastes. With great towering statues resembling each King or Queen of the past, waterfalls which would make the toughest orc cry from their beauty and perfectly structured moonstone walls, the city really is a sight to behold. All are welcome and all take up the offer to view the sight. Even The Lost Ones have been known to visit the Home of the Realm and have been rumoured to leave with a smile. The whole region is full of beautiful plants, trees and winding pathways. Dachshuel is a neutral territory, no one faction or race has power over another. The Tea Party roam the streets keeping peace and order. So don’t be tempted to cause trouble there.

Palace Garden

Fun Fact: Dachshunel is the main hub for most things in The Realm Of Insani-tea, due to it being home of the Mantea Tree. The Queen and Arch Magus both have their main bases here!

Notable Location

​Ci Tea [NO COMBAT ZONE] -  Ci Tea is the capital city of The Realm, unlike most universes the Realm has one main capital city rather than one per region. Ci Tea was crafted in the First Era by the Elves, who wanted to protect The Elder Mantea Tree. They constructed a magical barrier around the tree in the centre of Ci Tea, to close it off from the public and separate it from the empire they were about to build. Ci Tea is the only location to be built entirely from Moonstone, since the construction used up most of the resource, and is the only location in the realm to be crafted in to a perfect circle. The design of this incredible city was invented to provide a protective wall around the sacred tree, on top of the magical barrier that already existed, this way the tree would be protected from all angles 24/7. Ci Tea is a strictly no violence zone, and The Tea Party are in full force to protect it. The Grand Market of Ci Tea is the most populated area of The Realm at any given time, bursting full of Tradesmen/women and creatures with pockets full of gold looking for weapons and potions to buy.


Ci Tea

A place of nature and beauty, homeland of Clatreib and Shaman Orcs. Arrowroot is to the right of Dachshunel, and it is blessed with copious amounts of roots stemming from the Mantea Tree. It is thick with life including trees, plants, animals and monsters. The whole location is covered in deep foliage ranging from trees, to grass, to incredible flowers. As host to the largest variety of alchemy ingredients, some being incredibly rare, Arrowroot has become a rather hostile environment over time. Tradesmen are constantly fighting over foraging territory, causing upset to many Clatreib who have been forced from their homes. The only locations known to be free from tradesmens greed are The Howling Forest and the towns where Clatrieb/Shaman Orcs reside and manage to defend.

Beautiful Nature

Fun Fact: Arrowroot is the best source for healing materials, as it's the most untouched and protected natural spaces of The Realm.

Notable Location

Howling Forest - In the far left of Arrowroot you’ll find one of the most hypnotising areas of The Realm. The Mantea Tree seems to have formed an interesting bond with the soils of this particular location, its roots are thick and cover the forest bed. Due to the heavy influence of Mantea, it’s become a prominent resting place for elderly Clartieb and Shaman Orcs, and is known for being the perfect place for reflection and rehabilitation. There’s even been many reports of extremely talented shamans and shapeshifters connecting with the spirits here. Animals litter the forest, a huge variety of species, making this a valuable spot for Shapeshifters to hone their talents.


Howling Forest


Hillfog Is a mysterious land, not all that much is known about it other than it was once the home of The Found Ones, and the location where Underlings were first created. The most powerful mages have been rumoured to feel a faint presence of Mantea on visit, but it was from a long time ago. Hillfog is known for its swampy foggy areas that are very easy to get lost in... unless you know how to navigate the area. It is a harsh land where no one should be trusted if met, and if people go missing this is the first place they suspect they have been taken too. It is home now mainly to The Lost Ones, who conquered the land while the Underlings scattered. However, it’s thought that Underlings are planning to retake their home, there have been sightings of them near their ancient ruins of past, the first time in hundreds of years that they have been spotted back in Hillfog.

Forest Scene

Fun Fact: Hillfog has more horror stories, myths and legends than any of the other locations! This is probably due to how little history is known about it.

Notable Location

Ruins of The Found Ones - As people explore Hillfog they beg to come across the ruins of what once was the first Underling city, built from the ashes of their rebirth around the Found Temple. Tall and dark, with towering pillars and a sense of unease surrounding it. As extremely powerful mages get close to it they will still feel the presence of Mantea flowing through the ruins, even though The Lost Ones have done everything they can to remove all trace of Mantea in Hillfog. It is unknown what caused the Underlings to scatter (despite many attempts at investigating the past of these ruins) but the slither of power resonating from the crumbling walls is proof that Hillfog was once filled with Mantea and that The Found Ones really did exist. Many try to visit the ruins, but it’s almost impossible to reach. Many get lost or perish on their path.

Ruins Of The Found Ones

The industrial base of The Realm, home to the Orcs and Dwarves. Westarnfell is notorious for the riches in its soils, being home to the most wealthy Dwarven clans. A few hundred years ago, the Orcs began to invade what once was a dense forest in the far right of this famous location. Known for being relentless and barbaric, the Orcs destroyed everything in their parth. These days the land is split in two, two thirds being inhabited mostly by Dwarves and full of large mountains covered in foliage and riches… the other third being sieged by Orcs, barren and dry. Though all races can enjoy life in the Dwarven owned lands, only the most robust of creatures can stand the unforgiving desert formed by the Orcs. Westarnfell is not only famous for being the source of most materials, but is also home to some of the most durable mounts available in The Realm.

Hallstatt,  Austria

Westarnfell is home to one of the greatest legends, Keith! Keith was a miner who founded the first mithril vein and allegedly fought a dragon to get to it.

Notable Location

Great Golden Reach - The highest point in all of The Realm, this mountain reaches far up in to the clouds, so far that the naked eye can not see the tip from ground level. Home to the most wealthy and royal Dwarven blood, it’s unsurprising to know that inside resides the largest, busiest and most valuable mine known to all living things. The Great Golden Reach is thick with Gold and Dwarven Metals, an ore discovered by the first Dwarven King to walk the lands. Many have tried to gain access inside this incredible mountain, only to be left outside in the snow. The peak of The Reach is covered in white powder, but at the base, surrounded by rich green foliage, you can find one of the most beautiful waterfalls in The Realm. Stemming from a river that flows directly through the mountain core itself, this natural water feature is one of the Dwarven Kings' prides. It’s known that this is the water source for many of the mines employees, and the entrance and exit to this famous river are guarded by giants at all times.


Great Golden Reach
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