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The Mantea Tree

The Mantea is an ancient tree with no real evidence of how or when it came to be, it has magical properties which establish a creature's powers and in some cases can even be used to strengthen them. When the leaves are digested, they fuse with the soul and the destiny of the creature is locked in place. They discover their skill tree, power limits/connection to mantea, position in the Realm and true personality. From then onward, they can call upon the power of Mantea to aid them in their lives, using it how they see fit. 

The only things proven to sway the initial decision from the Mantea Tree are those who decide to deny the gift (The Lost Ones) or heavy influences from the 7 Demon Overlords; Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth. Or in turn, the 7 High Angels; Beauty, Charity, Justice, Love, Purity, Patience and Diligence. Most will follow one of the entities loosely, but some are swayed to walk the path of those they worship as dedicated Priests/Priestesses, Guardians or Champions. For those who live only to serve their land and the people in it, a neutral party known as ‘The Order of The Realm’ exists to give guidance to all who resist the charms of Overlord or Angels, and those who simply do not share their beliefs. 


Though Mantea trees can be found everywhere in the realm, they all stem from one single source, The Elder Mantea Tree. This tree has been around for as long as The Realm has existed, and has kept power flowing through its soils for millions of years. In the beginning of time, the tree was discovered by the Overlords and High Angels, realising the magnitude of the power stemming from the tree... war began. It waged across The Realm for many hundreds of years, causing huge rifts between those who worshiped each side. The bloodshed continued until 424,000 years ago, when the Mantea Elders forced a truce between the sides by cutting off the Manteas connection to the Realm. They held it hostage until their terms were met, that the tree be held equally between the 3 parties; Overlords, Angels and The Order of The Realm. Though there have been many disagreements since the pact was made, the bloodshed has been minimal. The three parties have lived together in perhaps as close to harmony as one could ever hope to get. That was until early this year, when the Mantea Elders were struck with a mysterious disease. Hundreds of thousands of years old, all but one took their final breath on the fatal night known as ‘The Darkest Night’. With only one Elder left, with no more to reproduce, the Overlords have started acting even more strange than usual. Are they planning to take The Elder Mantea Tree once and for all?

Stone Mortar and Pestle
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