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The IRL Hearthfire DLC

Full disclosure on where your tips are currently going!


BadgerzRUs and I are trying to buy our First Home! The pandemic was awful being kept apart, we're both now 30 and I desperately need an office/studio because the plushies are taking over. We've been saving for years, but The Realm Of Insani-tea wanted to help. So we found a fun way to offer that! There's an on-screen goal during streams which "levels up" and resets each time it's hit, with fun rewards for supporters!


Hello wonderful inhabitants of The Realm Of Insani-tea. I firstly want to Thank You for all that you do. You've done so much for me, more than I could ever imagine. I'm forever Thankful! Whether you lurk, chat, sub, support my socials or even just have me in your heart and/or mind sometimes. You truly are the most incredible, wholesome and kind community and I'm so proud to be your Queen. You are making it possible to live out my wildest dreams, I'll never forget that and I will always do my best to give back to you.

The past few years have been pretty difficult for BadgerzRUs and I, we live an hours drive apart so the 2020 lockdowns caused us to be separated from each other for almost a whole year. It really devastated both of us, and quite frankly we're terrified of it happening again. Additionally, I've managed to outgrow my bedroom, with it being my office/studio AND my bedroom I'm really struggling for space... and my sani-tea. With ANY job it's important to have a separation between work and wind down. I don't have that at the moment, I sleep, relax and work all in the same small room. I'm incredibly lucky to be able to do the job that I do, I definitely am not complaining about that! My issue is when it comes to bedtime, as you all know my brain goes *brrrr* and that isn't easy to shut down before getting all cosy. Having my workspace in the same place I'm trying to wind down doesn't help with that. 

So it's finally time. We're 30 now, still living with our parents and have been together for over 7 years. We're ready to start taking this big step in our lives. Or at least attempt to, it's not easy in this day and age! When we've discussed this on stream MANY of you requested a tip goal. Yes... you wanted a 25,000ish tip goal...  As sweet as you all are for requesting this, I just don't feel comfortable having that amount on the screen. Not even for a joke! So, I've devised a plan that allows me to approve your bonkers request AND stay comfy!

From now, until we get the keys in our hand, all tips will be going in to the 🏡HOUSE FUND🏡. This could be for our deposit, furnishing or fees. To prevent the really rather silly 25kish tip goal, the goal will be in levels. Starting at Level 1 (£100)! If a level is beaten, £500 will be added to the goal and we'll move on to the next level. 

(We were doubling the goal but you saucy lot broke that system in less than a month...)

I want to make this clear, there's absolutely NO PRESSURE to contribute, I don't want a single one of you feeling guilty for not being able to put money in the pot. Your support IS ENOUGH AND WE LOVE YOU! This is just for those who requested it. I also do like to try my best to make sure you know where your money is going when it comes to tips. It's only fair! There's no set deadline, no time limit for levels. Nothing!


You can tip through this link at any time, IF you fancy it! Doesn't have to be whilst I am live!


Thank You again, for all that you do. I feel so cheeky and horrible even mentioning this, but I feel like it's time I took your advice for once. I can almost smell the collection of 'I told you so' coming! Thank You to those who suggested the idea, your support means everything to me and you make my heart burst.

Progress So Far

Including names of contributors...

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Level 2 Completed.png
Level 3 Completes.png
Level 4 Completed.png
Level 5 Completed.png
Level 6 Completed.png
Level 8.png
Level 9.png
Level 10.png
Level 11.png
Level 12png.png
Level 13.png
Level 14.png
Level 15.png
Level 16.png
Level 17.png
Level 17-and-a-bit#.png
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